What Is Traffic Exchange and Why You Should Consider It

Build Your Traffic While Helping Other Webmasters Build Theirs

One of the challenges that Webmasters face is bringing traffic to their website. Bringing traffic is crucial for building an audience and for acquiring customers.

As one would expect, this is easier said than done. With the plethora of competition and new websites being created by the minute, a Webmaster has to strive to make their website stand out among the rest.

So how do you ensure that your website receives regular traffic?

You should consider using a traffic exchange.

How It Works

A traffic exchange is an online service where Webmasters can promote their websites. This promotion will require Webmasters to visit each other's websites to build their traffic.

Once the exchange system accepts your website, you'll be requested to visit the websites of other Webmasters. Upon visiting these websites, you will build their traffic. In return, your website becomes visible for other Webmasters to visit.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. The system automatically presents a participant with a new collection of websites to visit for building traffic. Each Webmaster will receive credits when they view the websites run by fellow Webmasters. Once these credits are earned, they are credited to the Webmaster's account. These credits are used to deliver traffic to the Webmaster's websites.

Why Traffic Exchanges Matter

While there are a plethora of different options for a Webmaster to promote their website, the traffic exchange platform is one of the ideal services for this purpose.

While a Webmaster can promote their website through other forms of digital marketing, there is never a guarantee that the website will be visited. Digital marketers can put hours of effort into creating the perfect web ads. Webmasters may shell out thousands of dollars for advertising services. Often, these efforts are to no avail.

These exchanges are particularly great for niche websites, beginner websites, and for small businesses. With the multitude of content created on a daily basis, smaller websites often have little to no chance of spreading the word about what they offer. For a small business website, gaining initial traffic is crucial for establishing itself within a particular niche or industry. The best way to accomplish this is through a traffic exchange.

If you've been struggling to garner traffic for your website, you definitely should give our traffic exchange a try!

Preparing Your Website

Before you submit your website to a traffic exchange, you want to make sure that it is prepared for submission.

For example, is your landing page overwhelmingly long? If it takes a few minutes to scroll from top to bottom on your website, this needs to be altered. Your page should also not have an excessive amount of text. It should be aesthetically-pleasing and should be able to immediately grab a visitor through strong visuals - whether it is your color scheme, iconography, or through images.

Your landing page should also be able to link to what your brand offers. If you sell products or services through your website, then this should be evident on your landing page. Include these links on your landing page. Who knows? Maybe your Webmaster colleagues may turn into paying customers once they visit your landing page.

Many Webmasters specifically make landing pages to submit to traffic exchanges. These landing pages can not only advertise your products and services but can also provide a link to your main website.

Your landing page should offer what a potential audience would want. For example, you may not want to immediately share all of your products and services in one go. You want to think about one or a few products that can draw your audience in.

Think about what you can offer that is likely to make your audience visit your website and see everything that you have to offer. This content will immediately grab your audience's attention and keep them focused and encourage your audience to visit your website.

What else can you expect from a traffic exchange?

You can choose a package to purchase, which will quickly bring in traffic to your website. You can also earn money through a traffic exchange. You should promote the traffic exchange to your fellow Webmasters and earn referral commissions. You should always pay attention to what great features are available from traffic exchange to grow your websites.

A Webmaster can earn more credits with a traffic exchange that requires a lower visit duration. They can also earn fewer credits in an exchange that has longer duration requirements. However, remember that quality is what matters over quantity. It's better to receive one hit or visit that lasts 60 seconds as opposed to six hits that only last ten seconds each. The longer the duration, the greater the chance of a visitor to understand the website.

At HitLeap, we believe that 40-60 seconds' duration produces the best results.

Why Choose HitLeap

Now that you know the tremendous advantages of a traffic exchange, why not give HitLeap a try? We provide a free traffic exchange for Webmasters to grow and gain traffic to their fledgling websites.

You will enter a participation program where you will be required to view the websites of your fellow Webmasters. Similarly, these thousands of Webmasters will also be required to view your website. This is the best way for Webmasters to increase traffic and metrics of their websites or blogs.

If you do not have time to participate in the traffic exchange program - not to worry! You can purchase one of our packages and receive traffic to your website.

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