What are Hits?

Hits are credits that convert to website traffic. They are automatically used to display your submitted sites to other members according to settings assigned.

Hits also represent the number of times your site has been visited. You can track that on your website through a web analytics service like Google Analytics.

Hits are coming from all over the world from a variety of most popular browsers.

You can see the overview of your received hits on the graph on the account page.

How do I get Hits?

You can get Hits in 3 ways:

  • Earn free traffic
  • Earn Hits from your referrals
  • Purchase a traffic package

Earning free traffic

When you visit the earn traffic page, you can download the HitLeap Viewer. The HitLeap Viewer will automatically start showing you websites from other members.

You can earn a certain number of Hits per day from running one HitLeap Viewer.

Whenever you have unused Hits, they will be automatically used to show your websites to tens of thousands of other members.

You can run more than one HitLeap Viewer. Keep in mind that each Viewer must run on a different computer and have a different IP address. By doing so, you can multiply your earnings.

Earning Hits from your referrals

When your referral earns 100 Hits from the traffic exchange, you will get 10%.

In that example, you will earn 100 Hits x 10% = 10 Hits from your referral. Note that when your referral runs more than one HitLeap Viewer, you will still receive hits from one that one Viewer.

The Hits are immediately added to your account's balance. You can see statistics about your referrals on the referrals page.

How long does it take for me to receive my first Hits?

It takes up to 10 minutes for your account balance to get updated with freshly earned Hits. It takes the same time to start receiving hits after submitting a website.

How do I check if the hits are delivered to my website?

We recommend using a web analytics service such as Google Analytics. You can also shorten and submit your website through an intermediate tracker such as cutt.ly to see the statistics about received hits.