What is HitLeap Viewer?

HitLeap Viewer will automatically show you the websites of other members.

You can download the application on the earn traffic page. After finishing the installation, launch the HitLeap Viewer and follow the instructions.

HitLeap Viewer is currently available for Windows and Ubuntu. Mac users can only run the application through VirtualBox.

System requirements: HitLeap Viewer System Requirements

Do I have to run the HitLeap Viewer?

Since hits are automatically delivered to your websites, you don't have to run the HitLeap Viewer as long as you have available Hits on your account balance.

Can I run multiple HitLeap Viewers?

Yes, if you have access to multiple computers, you can run one instance of the HitLeap Viewer on each of them. That's, of course, if they also have different IP addresses.