Traffic Features

By default, the traffic that is exchanged in HitLeap has many excellent characteristics. It comes from a variety of different browsers, desktop and mobile devices. By upgrading the Traffic Quality Level of your account, you gain access to additional features to make the traffic even more suitable for your needs.

Traffic Source (High Traffic Quality level)

Web analytics services such as Google Analytics track the traffic source of your visitors. You can choose between direct, referral, organic search, and social traffic sources when you submit your website.

If you want entirely anonymous traffic, choose the direct traffic source. Google Analytics will show such hits as direct hits.

If you want the traffic to come from a specific URL (e.g.,, choose the referral traffic source. Google Analytics will show such hits in the referral channel from the URL you specify. For organic search, you can enter one keyword from where you want to receive the traffic, and social traffic source allows you to select one from the dropdown. Traffic from those sources will show up in organic search or social channels, respectively.

If you want traffic from different URLs, keywords, or social networks, submit your website multiple times, each with a different one.

In case you are unsure, selecting a direct traffic source is always a good choice.

Bounce Rate Reduction (Ultra Traffic Quality level)

When this option is enabled, you will receive hits with a reduced bounce rate. It will also help Google Analytics and similar to calculate the visit duration metric more accurately.

Geotargeting (Ultra Traffic Quality level)

You can choose one or more countries from where you wish to receive hits. The list of countries to choose from is based on the availability of traffic from them. Please note that selecting a specific country may come with reduced delivery speed.