How does earning traffic work?

Earning traffic is possible by participating in the traffic exchange. You can do that by running the HitLeap Viewer, our specially designed browser, for free. When downloading the Viewer from the earn traffic page and running it, it will start to display the websites of other members. After some time, your account will be credited with Hits.

Your earned Hits will automatically be used to deliver traffic to your submitted sites. In other words, your website will be displayed to other members participating in the exchange.

Alternatively, you can buy a traffic package and start receiving traffic without directly participating in the exchange. If you don't have a website or wish to earn money, you can do so by referring new members to HitLeap.

How much website traffic can HitLeap deliver?

It depends on the availability of hits and the Daily Hits Limit you have configured for your website. You can increase the amount of traffic you receive per day by submitting the same site multiple times. That also means more Hits are consumed.