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Every business needs a compelling website to stand out from its competitors. With online content occupying an ever-growing role in the digital marketing world, building an effective site is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to leave a lasting impression on customers. The way you present your website to your target audience directly impacts the way they'll perceive your company, which may influence their decision to buy your products or services in the future.

It's also worth keeping in mind that your website is your customers' very first impression of your business. While presenting your brand in the wrong light may cause you to lose out on potential consumers, taking the right approach can significantly boost your chances of success. That's why top business leaders know that choosing the right free website builders is the most effective way to reach their goals. Here are some of the most reliable and affordable site builders that can help you learn how to build a strong website for your company.


With more users than any other free website builder, Wix is one of the most trusted online tools that you can use to bring your site to life. From its unique features to its one-of-a-kind templates, Wix is specifically designed to suit almost any kind of taste. This website builder also offers a high level of flexibility in terms of editing, making it easy for users to adjust their websites as they go along.

Another notable feature of Wix is full SEO customization. Using the power of SEO to your benefit can help your website rank higher on top search engines and reach a wider audience. However, understanding the ins and outs of SEO can be challenging, particularly for beginners. That's why Wix's intuitive setup allows you to master SEO tactics without any of the hassle.


If you're looking for an easy way to connect your own domain name to your website, UCraft may be the best choice for your needs. While it's still your responsibility to purchase a unique domain name, UCraft is one of the only free website builders that gives you the opportunity to connect to a custom domain name. Alternatively, if you don't want to connect to a domain name, you also have the option of using UCraft's free subdomain name (

Other key features included in the UCraft package include SSL, Google Analytics and many others. These tools allow you to enhance almost every aspect of your website so that you can expand your customer base.


WebFlow is one of your best choices if you prioritize flexibility when learning how to build a website. With built-in custom content types known as "Collections," you'll have the freedom to tailor your website to your specific needs when you use WebFlow. "Collections" offer the following capabilities and more:

  • Adding new pages to your site
  • Creating new articles
  • Defining a collection of articles

The "Collections" feature is part of WebFlow's CMS, which gives you the ability to manage your online content according to your needs. It's important to note that WebFlow may be a more appropriate choice for web builders who are already familiar with the inner workings of website design. Overall, this reliable tool helps simplify the design process so that you can reach your goals.


In terms of overall quality of design, Squarespace is the top choice of many website designers. If you aren't very well versed in coding and web design, this website builder may be a more practical alternative to WebFlow. Squarespace provides users with a wide array of tools and website templates to help make the web design process as intuitive as possible. To ensure maximum ease of use, Squarespace also includes a photo editor and a universal style editor that lets you adjust the look of your website until you're happy with it.

In addition, web designers enjoy using Squarespace for its easy-to-use mobile app features. Thanks to its high-quality, responsive web editor, users have the luxury of enjoying an attractive mobile version of their new website. Considering more than half of website traffic originates from mobile devices, this is a particularly important benefit for your customers.


Weebly is the perfect starter kit for users who are new to web design. There are plenty of features that help keep users engaged and give them the freedom of customizing their website according to their unique vision. Some of the most notable features that Weebly offers include domain registration, web hosting, web design and e-commerce functions. If you're planning to build a new website for your startup, Weebly's e-commerce features will give you the tools you need for success.

Weebly is also widely used because of its many functions that help boost the overall appearance of your site. The integrated CMS solution and hand-coded HTML files help provide a seamless experience for all of your customers and allow you to save time on maintenance. Moreover, Weebly comes with an in-house editor that includes Google Analytics and advanced SEO tools.

An extra perk of this free website builder is that it doesn't contain any ads, which helps to set it apart from its free competitors.


When learning how to build a website, many users balk at the idea of having to develop programming skills. With Strikingly, you don't have to worry about becoming a top-notch programmer just for the sake of high rankings.

The Strikingly platform is carefully designed to make it easy for you to personalize your site. There is no shortage of templates included in this web builder, and each one of them is created by a different site owner. With such a wide array of designs available, you should have no trouble finding the template that perfectly suits your tastes. Users can choose from designs that are catered to startups, ecommerce stores, blogs, events, product launches, personal branding and more.


WebNode is one of the best free website builders for those who aim to cater their site to a global audience. With this versatile tool, you can create your website in a foreign language to reach customers who don't speak English. In addition, if you need to use a different platform for any reason, WebNode gives you the option of building your website on another platform. Regardless of how you decide to use this website builder, you're sure to reach your goals effectively with help from WebNode.


You'll never run out of content or ideas when you use Duda. This free website builder is teeming with site templates and loads of useful information housed in a content library. However, these features don't even begin to cover what Duda has to offer.

When you use this tool to build your own website, you'll have the opportunity to benefit from a team-collaboration feature. This feature will help you build even stronger and more unique ideas with help from other users' input. Another key component of Duda is the basic analytics function, which plays a major role in measuring user engagement. Not only can you analyze the total level of visitor engagement on your site as a whole, but you also have the ability to see which specific parts of your website are receiving the most traffic.


If you're planning on setting up your own online store, you can get your shop up and running like a seasoned expert with Jimdo. This free website builder provides you with the tools you need to optimize your website for greater viewership. From attractive aesthetics to intuitive navigation, Jimdo knows exactly what makes a website appeal to a wider audience.

One of the best things about Jimdo is that it doesn't require any special knowledge of coding or programming. It's completely possible to create an advanced, streamlined website from scratch without understanding the mechanics of web design as long as you stick to Jimdo.

Alternatively, if you happen to have a wealth of coding knowledge and are eager to put it to good use, you can choose this path instead. Jimdo offers a simple and effective editing tool that gives all budding programmers the chance to practice their skills while learning how to build a website.

Make Your Website Come to Life With These Free Website Builders

As we have seen here, you don't need to be an expert on web design or coding in order to make your dream website become a reality. Whether you aim to launch an e-commerce store or a social media website, you can find all the tools you need in this list. While you search for the best free website builders for your needs, it's also worth thinking about how to bring in more traffic to your website. Our top-notch service allows you to gain a larger following with actionable results, free of charge.