Sizing Up The Competition: A Guide to Comparing Website Traffic with Competitors


Website analytics are important to business growth. Why? They allow you to understand various components of your site’s performance such as user experience, content performance, keyword performance, and the overall bounce rate of visitors.

However, while these are all great analytics to understand and track as it relates to your own website, it’s even more helpful to start comparing website traffic with your competitors.

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How to Enhance Your Website


A website is one of the most important aspects of any business. An excellent website is a great way to make a powerful first-impression while helping potential clients learn more about your company. On the other hand, a poorly built website makes it much more difficult to expand your business and reach new customers. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple tips to improve your site and build a much stronger online presence. Here are five ways to improve your website and reach many more potential customers.

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5 Tried and True Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Website visitors are the fuel that keeps your company going. Today, bringing new leads to your website is one of the most important factors in growing a business. If you're not consistently attracting new attention and pushing more visitors to your page, you're going to be unable to land new sales or convert new customers.

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7 Reasons Why You Have a High Bounce Rate


Having a website is one ingredient for success, but it won't give you the results you want unless it's properly optimized to maximize traffic and conversions. Bounce rate is one element to look at if you want to grow your customer base and find the key to engaging your audience and increasing sales.

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